Peace Planner

The Peace Planner is a 6 month, undated, start-anytime, weekly planner. By using a physical planner which doesn't ding you with constant distractions, you will find the clarity to know what you want to accomplish and the focus you need to be productive.
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We want you to feel completely comfortable with your purchase. If you use your Peace Planner for 30 consecutive days and are not happy with the results, I'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Why Peace?

Peace is so much more than simply a cease-fire between enemies or even individual peace of mind. The kind of peace I'm going for with the Peace Planner is more akin to the Hebrew word for peace - SHALOM.

Shalom is a Jewish concept which connotes harmony and completeness and to-the-brim fullness of life. It is life that is flourishing and green. It's all good.

It's about living with mental and physical health, being financially stable and professionally fulfilled, having lots of close friends, a spouse who adores and respects you and kids who want to be like you.

Attaining shalom-peace means, for example, that you were able to start and scale a successful business without sacrificing your family or burning out your employees.

It could also mean that you were able to work at a corporate job for 20 years and raise 4 kids without losing your sense of adventure and love of life.

A shalom-peace life is all about BALANCE

How the Peace Planner will help you achieve a shalom-peace:

1. The first part of the Peace Planner contains a “Dreams & Goals” section which will help you get clear on your desires for the future (3 Year Life Vision worksheet) and then help you prioritize what is most important now (1 Year Goals and Quarterly Goals worksheets) so that you can make the most effective use of your time now.

2. The core of the Peace Planner is the “Action Plan” section which will help you to take focused and disciplined action in moving towards the life you want.